We manage translation projects in almost every language. We work with a network of professional translators who are selected according to specific criteria and who have passed our quality tests.

All translation is done by translators who are native speakers to ensure that cultural nuances are rendered from the source text. Our translators are fluent in one or two foreign languages and we manage projects in more than 60 languages and dialects.

All of our partners have completed a degree program in translation in order to master the techniques of the profession.

Each translator is selected according to one or several specialties. Medical, legal and journalistic texts do not use the same terminology and all require extensive knowledge of the respective professional environments. primoscrib constantly strives to ensure that translators understand the client’s field—the key to successful translation.

primoscrib also offers certified translations by sworn translators in a number of languages. These translations are used for administrative, legal and other documents.

primoscrib can translate your documents no matter the medium or technical environment: paper, electronic files (in text, image, PDF, QuarkXpress and other formats), databases, websites, software and videos.

The finished translated document will conform to the original layout, and we will return it to you in the format or medium of your choice.

Here are a few services that often accompany translation:

  • Preservation of original fonts and pagination
  • Reconstruction of automated tables of contents
  • Updating of links to indices
  • Reinsertion of images, photos or diagram legends
  • Insertion of translated text into website pages

We work with DTP and graphic design professionals to provide the high quality that you expect.

Your data is delivered via email or through our secure internet portal. We can also deliver your translations on paper, CD or DVD.