Quality Management

primoscrib is EN 15038-certified, the European quality standard for translation services. EN 15038 is a specification released by the European Committee for Standards (CEN - www.cen.eu) that defines translation quality and normalizes procedures and translation processes for delivering language services

primoscrib has adopted this standard throughout the production cycle.

primoscrib’s Registration No.: 7U306

Our quality management system is based on the following:

  1. The two fundamental rules of translation
    1. Translators translate into their mother tongue.
    2. Translators translate within their specialist subject areas.
  2. Evaluating the skills and abilities of translators before involvement in projects
    1. Examining their career history and experience
    2. Administering assessment tests
  3. Process
    1. Analysis of the text(s) to be translated
    2. Detailed quote with prices and delivery times
    3. Translation is carried out using the client's preferred terminology and other existing reference material: glossaries, previously translated documents
    4. Proofreading and quality control
    5. Delivery of the translation accompanied by notes to explain certain translation decisions
    6. Modifications and corrections are made to the translation in accordance with client comments
    7. Delivery of the finalized document
  4. Approach focused on client satisfaction and client’s requirements and expectations
    1. Understanding
    2. Answering
    3. Anticipating
  5. A sense of involvement and responsibility in all of our colleagues and subcontractors
    1. A defined work process
    2. Compliance with the process and QA cycles
    3. Quality screening at each stage
    4. Continuous improvement of processes
  6. Use of robust, efficient, industry-specific software and internet tools
    1. Front and back office business management tools
    2. Secure content exchange platform to exchange data via internet with our clients and translators