With our versatile interpretation services, primoscrib can help you remove language barriers during meetings, visits or conferences.

Escort Interpreter

Our interpreter will accompany you as you meet with foreign clients, when you travel with suppliers, during personnel training sessions, etc.

The escort interpreter translates at the pace and frequency desired by the speaker.Interpreters work half days or full days, on-site or by teleconferencing, or by telephone.

Our interpreters are available for assignments in France and abroad. 

Conference Interpreter

Interpreters play a vital role in international communications.

  • Consecutive interpretation: The interpreter takes notes and provides the translation as soon as the speaker has finished. Duration varies widely, from one to 15 minutes, or sometimes 30 minutes or more.
  • Simultaneous interpretation: The interpreter works in a booth, listening to the speaker with headphones and simultaneously speaking the translation into a microphone. Simultaneous interpretation is the most frequent type of interpretation.

primoscrib can supply a complete package according to your needs. We handle the provision of audio equipment (cabins, headsets, etc.) as well as interpreters.