Mountain Bike Translation English French

The world of mountain biking (and of cycling in general)  is full of enthusiasts and specialists, with different products and practices in every country. The result is a highly specific language that can baffle the outsider. Which is why it is so important to use translators and interpreters with the right skills for each assignment.

primoscrib translates many sports-related documents, especially in the fields of mountain biking and road cycling, for manufacturers as well as event organizers: catalogs, product sheets, websites, trade show presentations, etc.

Here is an example of a mountain bike translation handled by primoscrib. This is a translation from  English into French.

On the other hand, the 100 mm Syntace stem is too long for this kind of riding – although it comes in handy when you need to pedal. The bike behaves very sanely even if it can wheelie easily when the slope turns steep. On a fast and smooth track, you start noticing the weight of the wheels, although it was not an issue before that. The wide tires don’t help either and make the bike perform at a lower level than it could thanks to its rear suspension. So, as it is positioned as a pure enduro bike rather than an all-mountain one, its equipment hinders its versatility a bit. Still, that’s a very valid trade-off as the result is excellent for riders who want a bike that can go like stink through technical terrain, and can be ready for the starting line of a race thanks to its top of the line setup.


French Translation:


Par contre, la potence Syntace en 100 mm est trop longue pour ce genre de programme. Même si elle devient plus appréciable quand il s'agit de pédaler. Le vélo reste sain même s'il cabre facilement dans les raidillons. Sur les parcours vraiment rapides et roulant le poids des roues, jusque-là irréprochables, se fait sentir. D'autant que les pneus larges ne facilitent pas la tâche et font perdre au vélo le rendement que sa suspension arrière lui offre pourtant. Si bien qu'en le positionnant plus comme un pur enduro qu'un All Mountain, son équipement le fait un peu baisser en polyvalence. Là aussi, c'est un choix parfaitement respectable, dans la mesure où le résultat est très bon pour les pilotes qui veulent un vélo capable de rouler à bloc dans le technique et prêt à l'emploi au départ d'une course grâce à son montage haut de gamme.